Awaken your true potential

The key to personal freedom and power

Perhaps you´re wondering…

  • How can I conquer my fear?
  • How do I become more true to myself?
  • How can I overcome my challenges?
  • How can I access my highest potential?
  • What is my purpose in life?

Clarity and insight to your path in life

Through spiritual counseling  I help people out of crisis, confusion and fear, and into personal power and freedom, so they can live the life they want.

Spiritual counseling is for you who..

  • Feel stuck in life and are lacking the key to progress
  • Want a clear direction for your life, and are ready to take action
  • Need help and support to realize a dream you have

Typically people come to me with these kind of issues and challenges:

  • -I want a clear direction for my life, both privately and professionaly
  • -I need tools to overcome my challenges and hindrances
  • -I want to let go of my fear
  • -I need clarity to my next step in life
  • -I want to make honest and healthy decisions
  • -I feel life has more to me, but I lack confidence to realize it
  • -I want to feel more alive, more vibrant and happy

In a counseling program you’ll receive inspiration, insights,  clarity, practical tools,  feedback and conscious-making question to help you see your situation and life in a clear perspective, so it is easier for you to make the right decisions.

Jasper Søgård clairvoyant rådgiver

Jasper Søgård has worked as a spiritual counselor, clairvoyant, coach, healer and teacher for the last 20 years. He has helped thousands of people with their problems and challenges. He is passionate about helping people finding their unique path, with authenticity, freedom and joy.

He has a rear gift of seeing your true and highest potental, and can help you to align you to your inner being so you can go new and better ways.

He is famous for his unconventional approach to spirituality and is in high demand for his work, both in his homecountry, Demark and abroad.

He has participated in numerous television programs, and radio, newspapers and podcasts about spirituality, clairvoyance and personal transformation.

Jasper søgård spirituel livsvejleder

He gave very direct and practical advise

“Jasper is an amazing clairvoyant! Everything he told me was very relevant to my life as it is today, and he gave very direct and practical advice relating to my personal and professional life based on what he could see as my highest purpose. I felt such a sense of wisdom and compassion from him during our session. I really value the session with him and highly recommend him to anyone looking to gain more insight in how to put their best foot forward to living their purpose!”

-Kara Goodwin, meditation teacher
Indiana, USA.